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The Scarabiac Rising of Christ

L. Caruana 2010
30 x 46 cm, Mischtechnik


This painting was begun during my first Visions in the MischTechnik Seminar in 2008. I managed to advance it quite a bit during the 2009 seminar, and finished it upon my return from Italy.
The video documents the painting’s development, revealing the alternating stages of white egg tempera and coloured glazes which go into the making of a painting in the MischTechnik.

I’m intrigued by the way symbols from different cultures resonate with one another. For the Egyptians, the scarab upholding the solar disk symbolized pretty much the same thing that the resurrected Christ did for Christians – the possibility of life after death…
The Egyptians also used the Horus Child to symbolize the sun’s renewal each morning – its rising and rebirth. The souls of the recently departed, which journeyed with the sun each night through the underworld, would receive new life when the sun rose with the dawn. In a flash of light they would be born again to eternal life.
I would like to think that the symbol of the Christ Child could play a similar role for Christianity…
In any case, this painting explores, in a poetic way, what happens when symbols from different cultures combine and their myths cross one another: new possibilities are offered to us, as we think through images and seek solutions to eternal questions. In this way, we begin to speak, once more, the ancient image-language.
I thoroughly explore the idea of an ancient image-language in my book Enter Through the Image. Ultimately, the different mythologies of the world become so many facets of a single vision-crystal – all of them leading, ultimately, to the same Mysterium at their source.
In this painting, I’ve tried to portray the divine unity as the eye in the triangle at the top. This motif has been appropriated by many groups (Freemasons, the Illuminati, etc). But its mystery runs much deeper. I consider it to be ‘the hidden sign of the hieratic’ – a theme which I elaborate in my essay Myrette.
Once this painting was completed I performed a prolonged meditation upon it. In a state of vision, I saw all the jewel-like forms become transparent – and illuminated by the spectral light flowing from the divine source. Like Christ, I was crucified on the light, and experienced death, rebirth and renewal, until I became one with the higher source of all life, light and awareness.
Ultimately, I believe the true purpose of such Visionary works of art is to magically transform us – to transfigure and transport us to a brief and fleeting epiphany – of oneness with the divine…

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