12 September 2023

exhibition in national museum in paris 

       Along with several of my colleagues, I'll have original works hanging at The Musée Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac in Paris. 

       From November 14th 2023 to May 24th 2024, this Ethnological Museum will hold the exhibition VISIONS CHAMANIQUES ~ ART DE L'AYAHUASCA EN AMAZONIE PERUVIENNE (Shamanic Visions - Ayahuasca Art in the Peruvian Amazon). The exhibition will mostly feature Amazonian artists inspired by Pablo Amaringo. But the final rooms will offer Visionary works 'from the Western Counter-culture,' including the art of my colleagues Martina Hoffmann, Amanda Sage and Daniel Mirante. My painting The Vine of the Dead will be on exhibition.

       Here's a brief description:


       Many cultures place hallucinogenic substances at the heart of their social life. Ayahuasca, a hallucinogen of plant origin, occupies a central place in the life of Western Amazonion societies, particularly among the Shipibos, who use its effects for aesthetic purposes. From the emergence of visionary art from the Peruvian Amazon to Western countercultures, the exhibition will show the "visionary museum of globalized shamanism", where psychotropic drugs become not only vectors of artistic inspiration, but also of political emancipation, personal development, alternative therapies or new forms of religiosity.


Email: visionnaire@lcaruana.com