During my tenure as Academy Director
I gave numerous lectures on Art, Myth & Spirituality...


During the 2017 Winter Trimester

at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art,

I taught a class on The Alchemy of Paint.
A series of seven lectures on ALCHEMY, VISIONS & ART were recorded

(the most popular ~ The Gnostic Worldview ~ has received over 100,000 views)


While writing my book Sacred Codes,

I gave a series of eleven lectures based on my research. 
The SACRED CODES lectures were recorded in 2015


When the Global Pandemic hit in March of 2020,

The Academy had to immediately close its doors.

To cover the closing costs, our Faculty rallied round us and offered their services gratis,

creating The First and Second Series of Online Fundraiser Workshops. 


Florence Ménard and I also participated,

offering the first and last workshops of the series, which can be found below.

Each workshop costs €30 for life-time access,

and the whole series can also be purchased.


Please follow the links to The Academy of Visionary Art website...






Freehand Sacred Geometry & Full Moon Inner Journey

~ With Laurence Caruana & Florence Ménard ~ 126 min.


       Under the flowering full moon, Vienna Academy of Visionary Art directors Laurence Caruana and Florence Ménard will initiate a series of online workshops created to support the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.


       To prepare ourselves for this workshop, Laurence and Florence will create a sacred space through a prayer to the seven directions, followed by the chanting of sacred vowels corresponding to the seven heavens.


Free-hand Sacred Geometry Initiation


       Across the ages, artisans were initiated into knowledge of sacred geometry by drawing archetypal shapes. In this one-hour workshop, Laurence Caruana will lead a meditative drawing ritual. With neither ruler nor compass, you will make free-hand geometric designs that allow you to visualize, experience and understand the harmonious division of space – from the One to the All.


Full Moon Inner Journey


       Following the tradition of the Moondance which she has been part of the last 2 years, Florence will offer A Full Moon Ceremony to create a safe space for us to go inside ourselves on a guided inner journey. During this visualization, accompanied by shamanic instruments, we will focus on bringing the light into ourselves, imagining what kind of post-Covid world we want to live in, and see how we can make this a reality.


Materials :

– pad of full-size paper and a sharp pencil– one candle and incense






Journey into your Inner Sanctuary and Paint your Watcher at the Gate

~ with Laurence Caruana & Florence Ménard ~ 175 min.


       In this final workshop of the Fundraiser Series,  Florence Ménard will lead you on a vision journey to the source of your creative power. But, ever and always, a watcher stands at the gate. In celebration of Hallowe’en, Samhain and the full moon, we will visualize this guardian at the threshold, whose angelic-demonic face guards and protects the source of your creative power.
       After a presentation on the apotropaic ‘face of glory’ ( kirtimukha, gorgon, taotie…),  Laurence Caruana will guide you through the construction of a three-toned sculptural drawing, learning how to visualize the face from its third eye, how to curve lines of the crown and hair around a hidden armature, and how to translate its sculptural shapes into graduated shades of light and darkness.
       For fun at the end, everyone will be invited to share their experience of the journey and the resulting work of art, then leave the space voluntarily while everyone is listening or dancing to music.
*The workshop runs for three hours, with an extra fourth hour (optional) for sharing and dancing.
For the three-toned sculptural drawing, we will use the grey tone of the paper for one tone, and add shadows in black crayon pencil for the darks, and highlights in white plaka casein or acrylics for the lights. Sketching will be done in graphite pencil.
  • Support: 1 sheet of grey-toned paper, in size large enough to draw a full-size face with crown and hair – roughly 22×30 inches or 56×76 cm.– The paper should be thick enough to absorb water (around 140 lb / 300 gsm). This may be store-bought grey paper, or white paper toned grey using grey plaka casein (which is what I do) or with acrylics

  • Sketching: your preferred graphite pencil (f or hb is fine)

  • Shadows: your preferred black crayon pencil (I use Faber-Castell Polychromos Schwarz-black 9201-199***)

  • Lights: white plaka casein or white acrylic paint

  • A glass of water

  • A variety of fine, soft-hair brushes in different sizes for detail work

  • A ruler

  • A compass

  • Erasers

  • A pad of paper for sketching

For the Inner Journey:
  •  candle

  • Your favorite incense





Email: visionnaire@lcaruana.com